For Our Winelovers from Anywhere on Earth: Southern-Styrian Wineroad

Published on 11 July 2019

1500 wineries from all over the world competed for the inaugural “World’s Best Vineyards” selection in London, three wineries from Austria made in into the prestigious list of best 50, led by the Southern-Styrian winery Tement which ranked 15th in the world.

So if you can spare some time around your visit to Graz, make sure you spend a couple of days in Southern Styria, one of the most beautiful wine regions in Europe — and next to the award-winning vineyard there are many more worth visiting.

The wine region in Southern Styria is often called “Styrian Tuscany” due to its charming rolling hills with steep slopes and traditional vineyards. The Wine Road touches the border to Slovenia and you will be able to put your feet in two countries at the same time — don’t worry, no passport needed. At the time of the conference, you could expect to be already able to sample some of our traditional Austrian “Sturm” which is partially fermented grape must from the new harvest.