From Nikola Tesla to Nikolaus Juch

Published on 06 September 2019

Student life in Graz can be really hard with zillions of cafés, bars, chess, billiards, playing cards… this is what turned Nikola Tesla into one of the most successful university drop-outs in the world.

As a Serb born in Croatia, he enrolled at Graz University of Technology in 1885 to study physics with special interests into the emerging field of electrical engineering. In 1887 he quit after having completed all first year courses with the best possible grades. Rumors have it that he spent more time in the cafés than on campus, only to become an extremely successful inventor with an international career in Hungary, France, and the US. His creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is a role model for our local students and elsewhere. In 1937 he received the Doctor honoris causa degree from Graz University of Technology.

One of our youngest students has followed this role model, his name is Nikolaus Juch and not only is his name congenial with Nikola but also his creative work: After enrolling in our EE program at the age of 15 years, he has implemented a speaking Tesla coil that our student coordinator Kathi Pollack has used to invite you for the student reception to be held at the Nikola Tesla Laboratory, a huge high-voltage testing facility named after our alumnus on occasion of his 150th birthday in 2006. When you watch the invitation video please note that the sound source actually originates from direct excitation of acoustic waves in the electric arc!

(c) TU Graz IFE - Nikolaus Juch