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Childcare — the Interspeech Kids

With the advancement of information society, more and more young scientists face the challenge of moving ahead their careers while sharing their parenting duties with an equally active partner. Participation in international conferences is a cornerstone of science, fostering the international and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, insights, positive and negative experiences, and knowledge gained. For a recent discussion and set of recommendations on how to tackle this childcare-conference conundrum, see Opinion: How to tackle the childcare-conference conundrum.

These things considered, INTERSPEECH 2019 will make a special effort to provide support for parents who want to participate in the scientific program of the conference while bringing along their kids on their trip to Graz and Austria. This support will be organized within the “flexible childcare” program of Graz University of Technology (see Fleki — Flexible Childcare at TU Graz) under the following conditions:

This offer is generously sponsored by Graz University of Technology through its Program for Work/Studies-Life Balance within the Office for Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity. Therefore, we are able to provide this service to INTERSPEECH 2019 participants free of charge!

And for those of you who prefer to bring their kids right to the conference rooms, you will appreciate that babywearing and breastfeeding are actively encouraged as an INTERSPEECH 2019 policy.